Master Healer Paramahansa Jagadish Announces Founding of Nonprofit Profoundly Helping People Live Spiritually Integrated Lives

[March 9, 2017, New York, NY] On March 9th, 2017, Paramahansa Jagadish will announce the formation of The Evolve the Planet Foundation, a global nonprofit organization dedicated to the raising of consciousness on matters of personal, spiritual and environmental ecology while providing the circumstances for the creation of the next generations' Illuminated Teachers and Spiritual Leaders.

The Evolve the Planet Foundation will offer membership options, allowing supporters to receive access to our global philanthropic service The Divine Love Transmission, a powerful weekly live transmission of Divine Light, Divine Energy, and Divine Love given by Paramahansa Jagadish. Members also feel confident knowing they are playing a vital role in helping to uplift the consciousness of humanity. The Divine Love Transmission is accessible to all internet users globally, as well as via dial-in phone conference in select regions.

“I invite all of you in the Global effort toward uplifting personal, as well as global, consciousness. I am committed to this effort by cleansing out negative Karmic energy and bringing in the Divine Energy on a weekly basis. I am happy to bring the news to all of you, and the invitation to participate. Kindly go to the website link and become a free member now.

With your free membership, each week you’ll have access to the Divine Love Transmission, which will include Sacred Energy Healing for everyone as well. And, with such a membership there will be more gifts coming.

I am inviting each of you to participate in a 3 year Yagya/Mitzvah/Sacrifice. From my side, every Tuesday I will offer a 30 minute Global Transmission of Sacred Energy Healing and The Divine Love Transmission to all members - simply sign up at the Membership area of

On your side: Kindly make a commitment with me of choosing greater and greater Happiness, Love, Peace and Compassion in your lives, in our lives. And for those of you who want: Loving Devotion to The GOD of Divine Love.

Thanking you dearly with a heart of Love and Joy. Best wishes and regards to each of you.”



Evolve The Planet Foundation has taken on an ambitious endeavor, embarking on a bold effort founded on time honored and proven principles and practices established in the Rasik Tradition and compatible insights from other great spiritual traditions.

Our focus is on that which is sustainable from an eco-spiritual view, becoming fully conscious of the intimate connections and intricate inter-dependencies existing between living organisms and their environment and acting in ways that preserves and enriches, but does not exploit them.

Evolve The Planet Foundation activities include:

  • Establishing retreats centers that offer clinics, workshops, seminars, and private consultations to all spiritual seekers and those in need.
  • Creating within the retreat centers sanctuaries and resident centers for sincere and dedicated practitioners to engage in extensive spiritual training under Paramahansa Jagadish's guidance.
  • Providing the necessary support, education and programs to advanced practitioners who will become our next generation of illuminated spiritual leaders, educators and thinkers.
  • Publishing books and articles on Sacred Ecology, the Rasik Spiritual Tradition, the Lives of the Saints, and on living Healthier, Happier, and Holier lives.
  • Offering as a community service to the world, Free Sacred Divine Love Transmission, Teachings and Spiritual Healing.
  • Bringing to the public, community outreach programs that become a catalyst for raising human consciousness on the matters of personal and global ecology and the natural, spontaneous practice of loving-kindness and compassion.
  • Working within the community through volunteer programs that support ecologically sound practices and services that embody loving regard to those in need, especially the senior, children, and animal populations.
  • Incorporating ecologically sound principles and practices into the operations of the centers and corporate offices that support the objectives of the non-profit and work to enhance the lives of those involved with Evolve The Planet Foundation.
  • Conducting fund-raising activities for the acquisition of land and buildings for the retreat centers, as well as other life-benefiting community services.

Paramahansa Jagadish as well as a representative from The Evolve the Planet Foundation are available for live interview. For more information, please contact L. Blake Harvey at Lawrence Blake Group Int'l.,, 212-220-8578.


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