Karma Clearing by Jagadish

Jagadish clears negative karma that has accumulated in your soul during all your lives—going as far back as before you ever had a physical body. The gift of Ancestral Healing is not only profound, but also dynamic. Our ancestors live within us through our DNA. 

Release the negative karmic influences that are holding you back in life! Paramahansa Jagadish’s body of work is grounded in clearing karmic energy that has accumulated in his clients’ psycho-physical field (body, mind, and soul). This ability is used therapeutically. Jagadish believes that Karma Clearing is the first step in creating harmony and untold attunement for oneself, one’s progeny and for future generations. Medical doctors and Holistic health-care professionals seek him out for his ability to heighten their patients’ energy and remove deep-seated blocks, allowing extraordinary healing to occur.


Paramahansa Jagadish will help clear years and years of negative energy from your ancestral lines—harmful content that has been slowing you down, even though you didn’t know it! Many spiritual traditions teach that the spirits of our ancestors are alive, well, and able to influence the present. In Eastern traditions, “negative karma” is believed to be an accumulation of imbalances, gained through many lifetimes. These imbalances create our suffering, more karma, and limit our ability to express and realize our pure essential Being.

Inherited trauma occurs when our ancestors hold a desire to fulfill their desires through their succeeding generations, an energetic impingement that plays a part in our life circumstances. If these negative karmic patterns are not resolved, they are passed down through the lineage to each generation. Our ancestors live within us through our DNA. Through their living consciousness, our forbearers have the potential to influence our daily lives.

Jagadish’s Ancestral Healing helps to clear away these patterns. This process is not only profound, but also dynamic. Jagadish accesses both your father’s and mother’s ancestral lines, which will lighten your family burdens and create more harmony. Participants receive two types of healing--gazing and deep multi-dimensional sacred healing—which then cleanses negative discordant energies from your subtle energy fields, including the chakras, auric field, acupuncture meridians, and physical systems. Jagadish’s Ancestral Healing illuminates, uplifts and cleanses both of your ancestral lines.

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