Bodhisattva Mastery Training

Regardless of your religious affiliation, spiritual practice, teacher or guru, the Bodhisattva Mastery Training can profoundly deepen and strengthen your personal relationship with Divinity. This training gives you experiences and spiritual tools to transform negative patterns and situations in your life, and allow you to manifest your greatest human potential, emotional maturation and true happiness – a result of profound spiritual growth and the strengthening of your direct relationship with Divinity. This work is transformational. These practices cultivate sincere Bodhisattva qualities in your perceptions and your actions.

As you perceive and act from a place of love and compassion for self and others, you create a life of synchronicity - a life experienced as a Loving Sacred Being on Loving Sacred Ground. 

The Bodhisattva Mastery Training has 3 Level to its progression. 

The First Level is Foundational. It is a 5-tiered series of Divine Empowerments, Teachings and Practices / Exercises to achieve our relationship with all aspects of Creation Mastery and setting the foundation for Realization of the Holy Self. Each of the planned 5 levels covers a weekend, where the participants are empowered to realize Bodhisattva activities. 

The Second Level is Karma Clearing. It is a 2 to 3 year training involving the first level of Karma Clearing coming from a Hawaiian perspective, then the second or advanced level from Jagadish’s perspective.  This training will include studies in psychology, health, dowsing, and for those who want: A Brazilian Spiritual Healing tract.   

The Third Level is Liberation In Divine Love.  For those who advance into this level there are life-long commitments to non-violent lifestyle and working deeply for True, Genuine Self and God Realization:  Liberation In Divine Love of GOD. This will be free of tuition, very demanding, and attended by invitation only.

The wish is that by the time people are ready for this third level, there will be at least one Retreat Center established for participants to live in one month at a time. 


The Foundational level of the Bodhisattva Mastery Training is a 5-tiered series of Divine Empowerments, Teachings and Practices / Exercises to cultivate our relationship with all aspects of Creation and Realization of the Holy Self. Each of the planned 3 levels covers a weekend, where the participants are empowered to realize Bodhisattva activities. The practice of these transformative actions helps the person to spiritual progress, the maturation of wisdom and compassion, and develops a life in harmony with humanistic spiritual values. 

Every single level includes, in addition to teaching an exercise practice, an intensive karma clarification on the corresponding topic!

Of the participants of the training, the cultivation of virtuous, that is, Loving behavior, self-reflection, and an inner commitment to daily (about 15-20 minutes) spiritual practice.


The starting point of the training is the physical and the subtle bodies as the basis of our relative existence. The bodies and their channels are opened and supported in their ability to let go of negative content. The bodies become an improved vessel for the Universal/Divine energies, which can now better receive, hold and embody the Divine. The participants will be taught a proven system for grounding and connecting with the earth and thesky and cleansing of the Auric Field and Chakras.


The ancestral lines of the participants receive an intensive healing. The intention is to create as much as possible in the ancestral line of each individual a helper for individual support in one's own life. Jagadish will give the participants an exercise practice to clarify the ancestral lines in themselves and others. In order to be able to adequately care for the ancestral healing, participants should practice the exercises for 6 - 12 months daily for 1-3 hours after the weekend.


The participants are led to build a friendly relationship with the 5 elements - Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether - by working with them in this way we build an empowered Bodhisattva relationship with them. The participants will be given an exercise practice to work with the 5 elements.


The negative influences of the planets and the stars are transformed in such a way that they are more beneficial to the participants. The relationship of the participants to the planets and stars is improved. The participants receive both an exercise practice as well as intensive karma clearing on the planetary influences involved personally in their charts. Kindly bring a print-out of  your astrological chart.


Establishment of a friendly, mutual, well-disposed relationship with the different realms of the earth and astral fields. Participants will be given an exercise practice and will receive intensive karma clearing with regard to the various Kingdoms. Jagadish will bring in the different Kingdoms in order for us to be introduced to them and work with them.


What I enjoy about Jagadish is that he is a spiritual, sacred, dedicated and devoted man. He has a clear intention of being of loving service and bringing healing to others and that it is a great benefit to me and to be in his presence and to work with him.

Jagadish has been a wonderful mirror for me because he lives his life totally dedicated to his practice. Whenever I meet someone who’s able to live a totally consecrated life, I always compare myself to him or her. I want to be that. So by him being in his truth, it really did give me the reflection of myself.
— Reverend Patricia L. Jordan, LMT / Massage Therapist, Minister, Healthcare Provider, and Holistic Healer / Blackjack, Missouri