F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What can I expect from a Karma Clearing session?

Feeling lighter, more balanced, grounded, self-empowered, cleansed.  Sometimes you might feel melancholy, irritated, and/or tired. Know that this will pass and you will feel better in time, most likely within 12 hours. Take more rest.  


Can I do more than one of them?  

Yes. Each time you do Karma Clearing on a specific topic, the more karma and deeper karma can be cleared.


I do not like to see you having to experience my negative karma, as you burn it up? 

It is fine. This is my work, like someone who fixes your pluming. I burn it up and then I cleanse out the residue from my system. 

How can I best prepare for a session?  

Prayer, self-reflection, meditation and practice of virtue.

Is it true that if I do all four of the sessions on one particular Monday I get the “Divinity” for free?  



What do I do after Karma Clearing? 

Gently stretch your body and drink 8 oz of water to flush the system. 20 minutes later drink another 8oz of water, and then wait 30 minutes before you eat anything. And take extra rest if you feel you need to.

How can someone like you, or anyone, take on anyone’s personal karma? 

It is a very rare ability, but I have that ability.


I thought karma does not exist anymore? 

It does, it is the spiritual law of balance and through self-reflection, lessons learned.

If you burn up my karma, then I will not learn my lessons?

Not true. The difference is that you will, more and more, learn your “lessons” in joy and happiness, with a self-empowered confidence.