Paramahansa Jagadish’s work brings about a palpable actualization of:

  • Personal self-empowerment
  • Happiness and well-being
  • Spiritual evolution
  • Increased Love and Connection to Self and Othersh
  • A clear path to success in your virtuous ventures in life
The goal of this exquisite path is to realize that God does exist and that there are pathways to direct communion with Him. Those pathways have been successfully tread by many Holy Ones before us, Holy Ones that are still present to help and support us on this journey. The path is not easy and sometimes unclear, but as we persevere we often have breakthroughs to clarity and truth; and attainment
— Paramahansa Jagadish

Paramahansa Jagadish is an empowered lineage holder of a rare sacred yogic tradition of India. He is blessed with astounding gifts and abilities. Participants experience powerful healing energies & upliftment into states of unconditional love, spiritual illumination and divine love.

Working with Jagadish:

Jagadish clears negative karma that has accumulated in your soul during all your lives—going as far back as before you ever had a physical body. The gift of Ancestral Healing is not only profound, but also dynamic. Our ancestors live within us through our DNA. 


Ganesh is the one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism. Ganesh, known as the deity that brings forth abundance and prosperity and has the unique distinction that his name is always invoked before any other God’s name in any prayer service.


The Bodhisattva Mastery Training is a 3-level series of Divine Empowerments, Teachings and Practices / Exercises to achieve our relationship with all aspects of Creation Mastery and Realization of the Holy Self. The third and last level is exclusively about Liberation in Divine Love.


Introducing Evolve the Planet Foundation:

Founded by Paramahansa Jagadish, The Evolve the Planet Foundation is a global nonprofit organization dedicated to the raising of consciousness on matters of personal, spiritual and environmental ecology while providing the circumstances for the creation of the next generations' Illuminated Teachers and Spiritual Leaders. Visit

Jagadish Teaching J& J14031.jpg

The Divine Love Transmission:

The Evolve the Planet Foundation will offer membership options, allowing supporters to receive access to our global philanthropic service The Divine Love Transmission, a powerful weekly live transmission of Divine Light, Divine Energy, and Divine Love given by Paramahansa Jagadish. Members also feel confident knowing they are playing a vital role in helping to uplift the consciousness of humanity. The Divine Love Transmission is accessible to all internet users globally, as well as via dial-in phone conference in select regions.

More details to be announced soon.