Jagadish's Lineage

Jagadish received his Bachelor's Degree in Humanistic Transpersonal Psycholoy from Sonoma State University and completed graduate work at The Transpersonal Center of Holistic Integration in California, but most importantly is his life of deeply committed spiritual practice which includes 14 years of 24/7 retreat in India in the company of Siddhas (perfected saints) and Babajis.  


In 1979 Jagadish became a fully ordained Vaishnava Priest and was later blessed with carrying on the tradition as a lineage holder, bestowed on him by the compassionate grace and wisdom insight of his Blessed Gurudev. (A lineage holder is a channel through whom sacred power is made available to help people live in the awareness of God and eventually develop a direct intimate relationship with God). Jagadish is the first American to be given such a rare honor and responsibility from this powerful tradition. Sri Krishna Prem (Ronald Nixon)  originally from England, was the first known Westerner to have been empowered as a lineage holder by their Realized Guru Sri Yashoda Ma while in India, where he lived in the 1930’s and 40’s.    

Jagadish’s love and devotion for his Teacher created a strong bond in him. When he was living in India, he once fell ill and came close to death. In that moment balancing between life and death, his Gurudev blessed and healed him. Through this healing transmission, Baba (his blessed Guru) transferred to Jagadish the profound ability to burn-up others' negative karma. This gift is now used to relieve others of their karmic burdens...purifying the psycho-physical field (body, mind, soul) and making them ready to support the Realization of Self and God.

Baba Premananda Bharati

Baba Premananda Bharati

Paramahansa Jagadish is only the second person from this rich tradition to establish a presence in the West since 1902, when Baba Premananda Bharati arrived from India to the United States of America. Deeply inspired and required to uphold his commitment as a lineage holder, Jagadish continues to maintain his integrity by infusing these sanctified traditions throughout his work.


Through deep yogic accomplishment, Paramahansa Jagadish has also attained mastery in Kundalini and was also awarded an honorary Shaman diploma from don Alejandro, a second generation Peruvian Shaman. 

His spiritual teachers range directly under the guidance of H. H. the Dalai Lama, Baba Hari Dass, Dilgo Khyenste Rinpoche, and his Blessed Gurudev Siddha Mouni Baba Avadhut. Maintaining a great interest in the power of healing and sacred energy, he later re-visited his studies in Mystic Christianity, Hawaiian Spirituality and Healing, & Toltec Shamanism.


Jagadish's dynamic approach fuses the two sciences of Yogic Transmission and Life Systems in the Healing Arts making it possible for one to fully experience the power of Divinity. The core of the work embodies ancient spiritual healing practices combined with thousands of years of wisdom passed down from one lineage holder to another through his Yogic tradition.

I wish I could say something that would inspire sincere people to dive deep into the experiential spiritual path Jagadish is providing. He is a true master and offers what the great Holy Ones have offered for ages. We finally have had one of our own attain the Realization necessary to inspire and lead us to God.
— Student / Bay Area, California

His intention is to divinely support those who work with him by unveiling their Sacred Identity of pure consciousness, joy and love while they simultaneously receive profound spiritual healings. This integrated approach causes an intrinsic quickening of one's holistic journey toward achieving a rich, fulfilling life, optimal health and well-being, and Realization of one's True Nature in Liberated Love of God.


Committed to serving the world in a broader context, Jagadish has established Evolve the Planet Foundation. Evolve The Planet Foundation is a nonprofit organization created to bring people together to support each other in living a more spiritually integrated life...a life lived in Truth as a Sacred Being walking on Sacred Ground and a True Lover of God. 

This non-profit organization is dedicated to raising consciousness on matters of personal and global ecology through its various sub-organizations and programs which includes providing an optimal environment for dedicated practitioners to perform intensive loving spiritual practice (Bhajan Sadhana) and become our next generation of Siddhas, Saints and Spiritual Leaders.