Jagadish - Master Healer/ Teacher

Jagadish is a man of few words, with the immeasurable capability to penetrate illusion. Jagadish’s self-transformation came through over 45 years of concentrated spiritual practice rooted in Yoga, Hinduism, Hawaiian Spirituality, Tibetan Buddhism, Shamanism, and Mystic Christianity. He is a lineage holder of several of these traditions and practices as an inter-faith minister with the deepest respect for all true spiritual paths. 

Jagadish’s body of work if grounded in clearing karmic energy that has accumulated in your body, mind, and soul. He believes that “Karma Clearing” is the first step in creating harmony and untold attunement for oneself, one’s ancestors, and for our future generations. Jagadish’s work awakens your heart to experience Divine Love - the source of all transformation, healing, and release from undesired patterns. His level of self-realization, combined with a lifetime of study and service, distinguishes him from other healers and truly makes him a “healer’s healer”. 

Jagadish holds a Bachelor's Degree in Humanistic / Transpersonal Psychology from Sonoma State University and completed graduate work at the Transpersonal Center of Holistic Integration in Southern California, USA.

Jagadish's Mother participates in a diety transmission.

Jagadish's Mother participates in a diety transmission.

The choices we have in life are many. Among them all, it is difficult to decide where to focus our attention. What do we want to accomplish in life? The wise focus their attention to things that are eternal. One can come to understand and develop an experiential faith in the fundamental truth that a life lived in God and service to humanity is a life well lived.
— Jagadish