Sri Ganesh Transmission

Master Ayurvedic Physician, Master Transcriber

Lord Ganesh is the one of the most prominent deities in Hinduism. Ganesh, known as the deity that brings forth abundance and prosperity and has the unique distinction that his name is always invoked before any other God’s name in any prayer service.

Sri Ganesha, the elephant-headed Hindu deity, eliminates the obstacles on the way to success and prosperity in life, will enter the body and spirit of Jagadish and directly transfer its energy to all participants in the space, bless and heal it. This holy blessing with its particularly high energy removes personal obstacles on the way to success and prosperity and leads to an enormous increase in abundance, joy and happiness in life.

Sri Ganesha now works as an Ayurvedic physician, doing Pulse-Healing and Marma Healing.

Remove Your Obstacles to Prosperity! In this Deity Intensive, Sri Ganesh comes into Jagadish's body to bless, heal and transmit his specialty of removing obstacles to Success and Prosperity. Sri Ganesha now works as an Ayurvedic physician, doing Pulse-Healing and Marma Healing.

Sri Ganesh gives powerful Healing Transmission in His own weekend-long event. In the last year He has been bringing forth His expertise in Ayurvedic Healing, using the Pulse and the Marma Point System to Heal and Bless our existence and open the way to greater and greater Joy, Well-Being, Success, and Fulfillment.  

Once you are in regular contact with one of these divinities, it develops a relationship that becomes more and more familiar. In doing so, the interaction with the corresponding divinity becomes deeper and deeper. Probably you will notice that the divinity is at your side, where it will help you - with whatever is pending ... Imagine the incredible joy of being in relationship and direct communication with these radiant transcendent deities ...!
— Jagadish
The energy of Sri Ganesh is transformative, happy, and playful. I’ve enjoyed a cumulative benefit from experiencing more than one session with Ganesh. I feel like I have a deep relationship with him, and that he’s helping me on my spiritual path all the time. With each transmission, my energy channels open wider, and my consciousness becomes more expanded. He heals in ways that I can’t easily describe in words. I come away with a feeling of greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
— LW/ Master Holistic Therapist
The transmission of Sri Ganesha is such a powerful transmission! I felt the abundance of love, joy and happiness of Ganesha and his warmth and playful way of being. This passed over into me and I could experience these qualities inside of myself. Directly after the transmission I bathed in an overflow of love, just feeling complete and rich – and deeply thankful.

When you once experience the wonderful energy of Ganesha you will always want more! I experienced several Sri Ganesha Healings and each one was more intimate, more intense and joyous. I can say that since the transmissions I experience much more abundance in my life - much more possibilities and doors did open (on different levels as related to work, relations, financially and all above more inner happiness and contentment). There is much more peace and serenity. I thank Jagadish deeply for offering that miraculous work and facilitating getting into a palbable relationship with this wonderful Deity, receiving His gifts and feeling more protected and carried in life. Since the transmissions I carry very loving and hearfelt feelings towards Ganesha from inside of me.

I cannot wait to meet Ganesha again! Thank you, Jagadish!!
— SL Cologne, Germany