What people are saying about Jagadish's unique ability...

I felt lighter after the session and noticed myself at ease and confident in the world.
— M. K. / Film Industry / Hollywood, California
The day following the healing I experienced extra-ordinary relief from a complicated illness I have
suffered from for years. Thank you Jagadish!
— S. K. / Massage Therapist / Venice, California
Paramahansa Jagadish is an exceptional conduit for extremely powerful and sacred energy, as well as being an outstanding teacher. As a result of his many years of deep spiritual practice and attainments, Jagadish clearly is able to transmit sacred conscious energy that is different from the “universal life force” healing energy transmitted by practitioners of Reiki and other modalities. Furthermore, he’s able to put those transmission into a conceptual context beyond that of typical energy practitioners. One of Jagadish’s most significant traits is his very genuine lack of ego. Few teachers have such minimal vestiges of self, and this speaks volumes about the work Jagadish has completed on himself and shares with others.
— Jack Sisk / Executive Director of The Living Insights Center / St. Louis, Missouri
Thanks! I felt my lungs clear when your hands were over them...felt great energy coming from my
crown chakra.
— B. / Retired / Pacific Palisades, California
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The last two years have been exceptionally challenging and involved dealing with an alcoholic wife and going through a divorce. My time with Jagadish has meant a lot to me and I know has assisted me in both mentally / emotionally dealing with the drama as well manifesting the desired outcome. It is hard to quantify with empirical evidence the effect he has had on my life, but I will tell you that deep within my heart there is knowingness that he has helped me greatly.
— B.A. / Chicago, Illinois
The work I have received from him is genuine and it is heartfelt and it has helped to positively change my life, so I would absolutely recommend anybody to meet Jagadish and experience his work. To me it’s just a good dose of truth.
— Ryan S. / Fine Artist / Los Angeles, California
What I treasure the most is his absolute devotion to the Divine. I also value his integrity, honesty, and compassion. He has been doing this for such a long time with very successful results. The history of whom he has worked with is remarkable. I think his medical intuitive abilities are second to none. Jagadish is on a different level. I think it comes from his dedication to his work with the Divine and he shares that. He is just so real. What comes through Jagadish is very pure, very palpable, and very beneficial. I really do think his work is wonderful!
— Deb Evans / Graphic Artist and Energy Medicine Therapist / St. Louis, Missouri
The energy of Sri Ganesh is transformative, happy, and playful. I’ve enjoyed a cumulative benefit from experiencing more than one session with Ganesh. I feel like I have a deep relationship with him, and that he’s helping me on my spiritual path all the time. With each transmission, my energy channels open wider, and my consciousness becomes more expanded. He heals in ways that I can’t easily describe in words. I come away with a feeling of greater physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
— LW/ Master Holistic Therapist
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My life has changed so much since working with Jagadish! Now I am the one who’s in control!
— Mike. H. / Hospital Therapist / London, UK
Jagadish is genuine…the real thing…a down to earth healer with extraordinary gifts that he uses with integrity and care.
— K. G. / Actor and Acting Teacher / Hollywood, California
I am a new person now!
— J. E. / Film Industry / Hollywood, California
Jagadish’s Yogic healing work offers great compassion, love, and healing. Through the work I have had major shifts in my life. It is genuine, valuable, and I highly recommend it!
— Donna. P. / Master Healer / Marin, California
I think that Jagadish reaches all levels from those just beginning a practice to those at a much higher spiritual level. He is very personable so he makes you feel comfortable, especially when you are going through situations and trying to work through your fears and intentions. I think that is really important. He truly has the ability to heal and make life transformations.
— Joan G. / Design Consultant / Woodland Hills, California
It is incredibly difficult to put the experience of the Gonesh Healing Transmission into words, as it is beyond what can simply be conveyed by language. The transmission is literally to be in the presence of divinity; it has rendered me speechless and touched my soul in a deeply profound and transformative way. I was immediately enveloped in an energy of beauty and love. The twinges of pain I had in my body are gone, and where there was cloudiness and confusion, there is clarity. My heart feels like it has bursted open and only gushes love. The experience is truly a gift and one I am eternally grateful for.
— — MS, NYC (This was the experience of someone who experienced the Transmission online. )
I had a bad case of tendonitis which I was doing everything I could think of (massage, exercises,
heat, diet, herbs). One visit with Jagadish and my elbow changed direction. The very next day I was in the garden digging. What a blessing.
— Marilyn / Occidental, California
Born energy sensitive I found the Sri Ganesh event to be extremely healing. Jagadish has such powerful energy. One of the strongest I’ve experienced. When he starts clearing I feel a lot of negative energy being pulled through my crown chakras. I wish everyone could be so lucky to have such a profound experience but like meditation you have to experience it to know it. I definitely left with a sense of joy and peace and that was priceless.
— Katherine Wong/ Premier Astrologist/ Feng Shui Expert.
The transmission of Sri Ganesha is such a powerful transmission! I felt the abundance of love, joy and happiness of Ganesha and his warmth and playful way of being. This passed over into me and I could experience these qualities inside of myself. Directly after the transmission I bathed in an overflow of love, just feeling complete and rich – and deeply thankful.

When you once experience the wonderful energy of Ganesha you will always want more! I experienced several Sri Ganesha Healings and each one was more intimate, more intense and joyous. I can say that since the transmissions I experience much more abundance in my life - much more possibilities and doors did open (on different levels as related to work, relations, financially and all above more inner happiness and contentment). There is much more peace and serenity. I thank Jagadish deeply for offering that miraculous work and facilitating getting into a palbable relationship with this wonderful Deity, receiving His gifts and feeling more protected and carried in life. Since the transmissions I carry very loving and hearfelt feelings towards Ganesha from inside of me.

I cannot wait to meet Ganesha again! Thank you, Jagadish!!
— SL Cologne, Germany